Eurasia Tower Offices
Location: Russia, Moscow
Year: 2015
Type: Interior design
Company: ADA-Studio
Collaborators: Fabrizio Farina, Valentina Sala

The project involves the construction of the new Moscow office for a big mining company. The new offices occupy three floors of the Eurasia Tower, a skyscraper of recent construction located in the new business district of "Moscow City" on a surface of about 5,000 square meters and are divided between open-space areas and private rooms hosting a total of 440 employees. The structure of the company is made of several departments; setting out from this, in the design phase great importance has been given to the study of the ways inside the office with the aim of ensuring the privacy of each, while allowing easy contact between employees of different departments. That’s why, for instance, in correspondence of the junction of different departments are localized meeting areas with a formal or informal characterization.