School of Boltiere - Extension of the building
Location: Italy, Boltiere
Year: 2015
Type: Architecture
Company: ADA-Studio
Collaborators: Fabrizio Farina, Valentina Sala, Anna Lavie

The extension of the school was developed for the open competition held by city hall of Boltiere, Italy. The steady growth of population in the city creates the need for a new spaces. Extension of the Existing primary school was developed on southern facade, maintaining the views and existing trees in the courtyard. On the ground floor we can find the main entrance, that connects the new building to the old one. A library that goes on to the second floor, a teacher’s room and a multi-functional space, that can be used for meetings, events of elections. Class rooms on the first floor are creating the concept that explores the spatial qualities of the existing trees, they merge with the exterior and interior through a series of fragmented transitions, thus creating a strong visual connection between human and the nature. All the existing facade is renovated with brick material.