Transformation of soviet district
The formation of a time bank community
Location: Georgia, Tbilisi (Gldani)
Year: 2016
Type: Masters thesis
University: Politecnico di Milano
Supervisor: Stefano Boeri
Assistant supervisor: Saverio Pesapane
Authors: Aleksandre Andghuladze, Nikoloz Lekveishvili

After the collapse of soviet union all its ideas and projects started to diminish, people who were promised better life conditions appeared in a new reality where their living spaces became gray lifeless ruins, where melancholy is harsh and a daily routine is monotonous. The local government failed to progress those district and up today, the residents find themselves living in the sleeping districts. Some of them tried to adapt to those conditions some tried to change it in their way, what made it look even more chaotic, after the shift from state regulation to a market economy, people had to reestablish themselves by reshaping its public and private spaces in alignment with the new economic system.