Camelot research center
Archmedium Competition
Location: South Cadbury, England
Year: 2012
Type: Competition
Authors: Aleksandre Andghuladze, Irakli Panchulidze, Vano sujashvili, Shota Shanidze, Dimitri Lortkipanidze, Guram Amashukeli

The idea of the project was to make historical hill as an exhibit, with minimum intervention on the existing nature and architecture, while preserving the image of the area our team concentrated on developing the required functions on the raised platforms. With the idea of scattering the requested 22 000 m2 we managed to distribute them all over 80 000 m2 of existing territory. All the functions and different types of museums were placed separately with the ramp connecting them with each other, and finally gigantic mega structure Dome was placed on the hill to maintain the feeling of a wild nature but at the same time covering the whole territory and all the exhibits.