Ministry of corrections public reception
Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Year: 2016
Type: Competition
Status: Winner project, On going construction.
Company: Francesco Adroni Architetto SQMP Georgia
Collaborators: Francesco Adroni, Silvia Minoia

Following the victory in an international competition, the project concerns the expansion of the headquarters of the Ministry of Correction in Georgia. The original call required a new entrance and expansion with new offices, meeting rooms, etc. and design of the existing square. During the executive design phase following the competition, we were also asked to link existing offices with a closed passage that runs through the square. The project idea was to propose a completely transparent and homogeneous ground floor integrated with square, defined from bare concrete as the only material in addition to the glass, and to overcome this first level with a solid box in dark gray aluminum. The square follows this same concept, configured as a large concrete slab, whit existing trees. The performance level from the point of view of energy was based on maximum efficiency following international standards, which makes building sustainable.